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Lamb Of God Contest, Photos @ Soundnova.com [11 Aug 2004|12:07am]
Just stopping by to let you know a new Lamb Of God contest is available over @ Soundnova.com

Some new photos from their blistering Ozzfest performance are available as well.

[29 May 2004|07:47pm]

Sorry for the lack of updates...I've just moved and even tho it's been almost a month I'm still unpacking shit...so I don't have much time for anything right now.

I'll work on updating more as soon as I can.

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ummm help [31 Mar 2004|04:43am]

does anyone know whats up w/ the chimaira board? is it down of somethin cause i cant even get to the site.
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[11 Mar 2004|10:29am]

[ mood | \m/ ]

I remember the first war, the way the sky burned
The faces of angels destroyed
I saw a third of Heaven's legion banished
And the creation of hell
I stood with my brothers and watched lucifer fall...

But now, my brothers aren't my brothersCollapse )
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[10 Mar 2004|12:28am]

hey im adam from the chimairaboard (colderthanlife), the website is badass so i figured why not join?
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Update... [06 Mar 2004|03:25am]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Ok I was out of town for a week so I haven't been able to update anything so here it is...

Check out the News Page

Pivotal Rage News

There is also a God Forbid Interview up as well

God Forbid Interview


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[25 Feb 2004|09:53pm]

[ mood | \m/ ]

as the places burnCollapse )

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[25 Feb 2004|01:35am]

[ mood | \m/ ]

Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)Collapse )

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hey.... [22 Feb 2004|07:42am]

does anyone know of a good shadow's fall-like cd i could get? or just something really good? i want a new cd!
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From now on... [22 Feb 2004|06:14pm]

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[22 Feb 2004|03:09pm]

[ mood | \m/ ]

Falling Upon Deaf Ears

the sound of silent voices surveying my thoughts
regularity defining perfection
neither sorrow nor contentment
whispering emptiness, frail words collapse
my weight only stirs the ground
how long can i hold your hand as you walk over graves
you search for tears of compassion
yet find the comfort of winter
reassurance dead like the falling leaves
losing hope in your unchanging ways
all of my strength cannot save you
if you are unwilling to help yourself
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[20 Feb 2004|11:47pm]

[ mood | \m/ ]

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<img [...] <b>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<img src="http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:Kwnob6uQmM0J:www.ubernoise.hpg.com.br/logo_1024x768.jpg" alt="[Slayer]"
Stain Of Mind
Imagine Humanity's decline
Step inside my stain of mind
Infesting superiority
Infectious immorality oh yea
Come worship the place no truths are told
Praise the land where sins are sold
No passion no love your faith evades
Never see yourself again that way
Death becomes your bride
Lifelessness invades your eyes
In fire baptized
All pain sifts through myu soul
You'll never feel greater misery
Master of my enemy
Let the purest stain of mind
Wash the virtue from your eyes
As one the collective unifies
Emanate a faithless shine
Forever creation has conceived
Birth of destruction spreads its wings oh yea
Chaotic rebirth a new domain
Re-live the sight the sound the pain
Erotic the taste of agony
Adorn the scars of inhumanity
This is what you see
Deep inside of me
Agony is life
Lechery is life
Godlessness is life
Purgatory magnified
In fire baptized
All pain sifts through my soul
You'll never feel greater misery
Master of my enemy
Let the purest stain of mind
Wash the virtue from your eyes
Enticing malevolence allures
Bastardize the clean and pure
Salvation forever crucified
I choose the other side oh yea
Entire, complete serenity
Injected intravenously
Transgression euphoric bliss divine
Initiate a timeless stain of mind
Blood will sterilize
In fire I baptized
All pain sifts through my soul
You'll never feel greater misery
Master of my enemy
Let the purest stain of mind
Wash the virtue from your eyes
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greetings [20 Feb 2004|10:46pm]

hey.. i saw the link on the chimaira board(which i hardly post on anymore) and figured i'd join. so, there you go.
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hello [20 Feb 2004|10:19am]

[ mood | tired ]

hey! i wanted to join, i like metal~fuckin shadow's fall!!! hell yeah...

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Me Again... [20 Feb 2004|03:04pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Please excuse me and my spelling mistakes...I've been up for like 15 mins and I'm not all here yet :)

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Hola All [20 Feb 2004|02:56pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Welcome to all the new members :)

Pivotal Rage is having a contest with Metal Blade records. All you have to do is be a member of the Pivotal Rage Mailing List. Yes it is that easy! So go to Pivotal Rage and sign up.

On March 4th the winners will be randomly selected from the Mailist.

There will be 2 1st place winners they will recieve:
A guest list pass for the As I Lay Dying/The Black Dahlia Murder/Everytime I Die/Scarlet Tour. You pick the city nearest you and you will get in for free!

3/23 Indianapolis, IN Emerson Theatre 3/25 Cleveland, OH Peabody’s 3/29 Montreal, QC Salle L’x 3/30 Providence, RI The Living Room 3/31 New York, NY The Knitting Factory 4/01 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero 4/02 Baltimore, MD Ottobar 4/03 Richmond, VA Alley Katz 4/04 Charlotte, NC Casbah 4/05 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade 4/06 St. Petersburg, FL State Theatre 4/07 Orlando, FL The Social 4/09 Houston, TX Fat Cats 4/10 Dallas, TX The Door 4/11 San Antonio, TX Sin 13 4/13 Phoenix, AZ The Mason Jar 4/14 West Hollywood, CA The Whisky 4/15 San Diego, CA Soma 4/16 Pomona, CA Glass House 4/17 Petaluma, CA Phoenix Theatre 4/18 San Francisco, CA The Pound 4/19 Salt Lake City, UT Albee Square 4/20 Denver, CO Rock Island 4/21 Kansas City, MO Spitfire

There will be 3 2nd Place Winners they will recieve:
A free CD. The CD's to be given away are As I Lay Dying's - Frail Words Collapse, The Black Dahlia Murder's - Unhallowed, and Gorerotted's - Only Tools and Corpses. The 3 winners will be emailed when they have won and the CD they get will be a first come first serve basis. Details will be explained to the winners.

In Other News there is an interview with Fear Factory's Raymond Herrera is up on the site so go check it out along with The Bands You Need to Know section and the Album and Show reviews.

Have fun kiddies :)
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[20 Feb 2004|02:52pm]

Well i decided to join here cuz my buddy tastemyrizzo annouced it in the slipknot community.. welp im brittany.. my favorite band is hatebreed .. ima big fan of lamb of god , chimaria, killswitch engage, shadows fall and arch enemy to....guess thats all for now .. later
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[20 Feb 2004|12:29pm]

Yo whats up im jizzy im friends with steph. I joined because steph says sometimes I listen to good music....only sometimes.
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So Yeah.... [19 Feb 2004|01:33am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'm working on getting this all together...So if it looks like shit...It won't for long :)

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A community actually worth joining [19 Feb 2004|12:30am]

[ mood | \m/ ]


Almost every day
I see the same face
On broken picture tube
It fits the attitude
If you could see yourself
You put you on a shelf
Your verbal masturbate
Promise to nauseate
Today I'll play the part of non-parent
Not make a hundred rules
For you to know about yourself
Not lie and make you believe
What's evil is making love
and making friends
and meeting God you're own way
The right way

To see
To bleed
Cannot be taught
In turn
You're making us
Fucking hostile

We stand alone

The truth in right and wrong
The boundaries of the law
You seem to miss the point
Arresting for a joint?
You seem to wonder why
Hundreds of people die
You're writing tickets man
My mom got jumped -- they ran!
Now I'll play a public servant
To serve and protect
By the law and the state
I'd bust the punks
That rape steal and murder
And leave you be
If you crossed me
I'd shake your hand like a man
Not a god

Come meet your maker, boy
Some things you can't enjoy
Because of heaven/hell
A fucking wives' tale
They put it in your head
Then put you in your bed
He's watching say your prayers
Cause God is everywhere
Now I'll play a man learning priesthood
Who's about to take the ultimate test in life
I'd question things because I am human
And call NO ONE my father who's no closer that a stranger

I won't listen

Support HEAVY music!!! \m/
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